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As if things weren’t bad enough, my car’s computer decided to die on me last weekend.

So like any usual service, I brought my car to the dealer. Instead of an easy process, the dealership decided to fuck me.

They found a way to con me out of a loaner vehicle while my car was in the shop. As if having to take public transportation was not enough, the greedy vultures made me pay for a tire that I didn’t even pop.

In the age of smartphones and technology, I couldn’t go backwards and ride shitty taxies. Instead, I decided to Uber my way around Boston in stylish Ford Focus’ and 2014 Hybrids.

Being the stingy and broke capitalist that I am, I put on my best pair of thinking pants and thought as hard as I could on how to save money.

How it works

Uber has a simple “refer a friend” program where you both get $20. The only criteria that makes your friend a “friend” – is an email and phone number that was never used with Uber. You can use the same credit card.

To do that, you simply create new emails and new phone numbers over….and over again.

Continue reading below to see how you do this(the hardest part is creating the phone numbers).



Log in to your account and find your referral link in the top left corner – or sign up below.

Sign Up

(Yes, I get a referral bonus)


When you “refer a friend”, you’re basically referring yourself. You’ll need to use different email addresses every time.

You can either create new accounts every time or if you want to save time, buy them in bulk below.

They have cheaper packages but the one above is the best one. It’s on sale right now and you can get another 10% off by using code: BOSS


Textnow provides a free number for you. Install the app below.

After installation, you should be provided with a number. You can release it one time every 15 days. Right after that, you’ll need to go to and register a new account.

To save more time, you can buy bulk TextNow accounts below.


1.Save Your Referral link.

2.You can release your Textnow number every 15 days.

  • Your Textnow account can basically be used twice.
  • If you saved the login info, you can use them every 15 days.

3.To save time, you can buy bulk email accounts.

4.To save even more time, you can buy TextNow accounts.

5.Use all your “friend” referrals first and rack up your main account. Don’t forget, both you and “your friend” get $20. Keep using your “friend’s” account and watch your main account rack up money.

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Free Emails

Click on one of the social buttons below and get two emails for free(I bought a crap ton).